Silverman Treatment Solutions is conveniently located just outside historic Baltimore Orioles Stadium, Inner Harbor, and the infamous Baltimore Aquarium, which is able to accommodate vacation guest dosing requests in 24 hours or less.

Silverman Treatment Solutions is a recognized Medicaid provider and is in the credentialing process for accepting certain private insurance carriers however certain providers do reimburse for services rendered.

Our admission fee is $145.00 and includes a complete medical and bio-psychosocial assessment. It also provides for follow-up appointments with our highly professional medical and counseling team to ensure your comfort and safety during your first few weeks. There is a weekly fee of $90.00 if paid in advance, a monthly fee option of $360 in advance, or $14.00 if paid daily. Patients receiving Buprenorphine are charged a fee based on the dosage of medication that they receive due to the cost of the medication. These fees include most services, including all counseling and most medical services.

Silverman Treatment Solutions does accept state insurance / Medicaid. However, some private insurance providers may reimburse the patient for out-of-pocket treatment services.

Over four decades of international scientific research have clearly shown that MEDICATION ASSISTED TREATMENT (MAT) is the safest and most effective treatment currently available to those who are addicted to opioid drugs. As long as the patient carefully follows his or her treatment plan and works with a competent treatment team, he or she can expect to achieve his or her goals and rediscover or achieve healthy living.

Addiction Medical Solutions is State licensed. We are committed to excellence and have adopted the value of “always improving.” We are continuously working to improve our competencies and strive to be the premiere service provider in every community where we provide services.

Most patients can be admitted within 24 to 48 hours of contacting us. The admission process normally takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Please call (443) 285-0807 to schedule admission.

Initially, each patient has to report daily. This requirement has been established by State & Federal regulation. However, as progress is made, clinic visits are reduced over time. Most patients are able to quickly resume a normal life since they are not having to spend so much time seeking drugs to avoid being sick due to withdrawals. They find jobs, or they are promoted to work as their health improves. Some start or return to school or learn a trade. Family and social relationships strengthen, and they find new freedoms to enjoy life again. Travel is possible as medication arrangements can be made with other programs, or temporary assistance can be provided through special exception requests.

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