Stop stigmatizing how we recover from drug addiction

Stop Stigmatizing How We Recover from Drug Addiction

The stigmatization of any form of treatment for any medical problem is something that people interested in social justice must fight. By Princess Harmony Epidemics aren’t just issues to be dealt ...
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Can methadone clinics and their neighbors find common ground?

Can Methadone Clinics and their neighbors find common ground?

Wanda Sanders and I step into line at Red Emma’s, a bookstore café in North Maryland. Sanders, a 48-year-old African-American, leans on a cane, wearing sparkle lipstick with her hair pulled ...
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Maryland clinics receive $1. 8 million to treat heroin, opioid addicts

Maryland clinics receive $1.8 million to treat heroin, opioid addicts

An audience that included the U.S. surgeon general, a U.S. senator, and top health officials from the city and state listened to Friday as Charles Jones illustrated the reason they ...
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Impact of Short-Acting Heroin versus Long-Acting Methadone Administered on a Chronic Basis in Humans

by Scott Kellogg, Psychotherapist at The Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project Methadone Maintenance Methadone, as a treatment for opiate addiction, is one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th Century.  ...
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Traveling while on methadone is guest dosing possible

Traveling While on Methadone: Is Guest Dosing Possible?

Yes, guest dosing is possible when on methadone. Here, we review the planning required and answer your questions about using guest services while on methadone. Then, we invite your questions about ...
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Methadone and weight gain

Methadone and Weight Gain

Chronic opiate/opioid use has been associated with weight gain. Medical literature links opiate use and the development of a preference for sweet-tasting foods. The preference for sugary foods can lead ...
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Pain Management Study Reveals Patient Confusion About Opioid Addiction

Emergency department patients have misperceptions about opioid dependence and want more information about their pain management options, according to a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine ...
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Breaking the Stigma: Portraying Opioid Use Disorder as a Treatable Health Condition

Despite an increase in treatment seeking for mental health and substance use disorders in recent years, the stigma surrounding these health conditions has remained constant over time. Stigma can be ...
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Serum methadone level graph

Confusion over Methadone Peak and Trough Levels

Recently I’ve had patients write to my blog describing how their opioid treatment program doctors are using methadone blood levels to determine the correct dose. What they described to me ...
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